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Change is a part of life and takes part in finding us who we are.


As a programmer, it's natural for there to be a sharing of computer-related technologies here.
Programming, networking, hardware... various types of shares might occur. I may also share some projects that I have developed, as well as the technologies used and insights gained during the development process.

Use tag #technology to show all articles about computer technology.

Feel free to follow my Github for more projects I have developed:
🐱 sqybi's Github


Photography is one of my main hobbies.
From time to time, I select some of the photos I've taken and share the stories behind them, as well as insights from post-processing. Additionally, I might introduce some basic principles and techniques related to photography.

Use tag #photography to show all articles about photography.

Furthermore, you're welcome to follow my Flickr or subscribe to my Telegram channel to see more of my photographs:
📷 sqybi's Flickr
✈️ sqybi's Telegram Channel


In addition to some serious articles, I will also share some of my random thoughts here.
They might be my sudden whims, or some of my strange epiphanies.

Use tag #random to show all articles on random thoughts.

If necessary, you can contact me through the following means:
✈️ Telegram: @sqybi
✉️ Email: [email protected]

To learn more about me, you can visit the following page:
A Dozen Whys