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About the author

Who is sqybi?

A real, living person, not an AI.

He believes that living is slightly more important than merely surviving, though this is not an absolute.

He is case-sensitive; please try not to call him Sqybi, though this too is not an absolute.

What are his interests?

He has been working as a programmer for over ten years, so naturally, his primary interests are topics related to programming and technology. He enjoys using his skills to solve various problems encountered in life and usually publishes this code on his own GitHub. He genuinely hopes that team members working with him share similar interests.

Furthermore, under the classification of "The Hedgehog and the Fox" by Archilochus and Isaiah Berlin, he considers himself unequivocally a fox: inherently a fox and ideologically a fox. He prefers exploring and understanding a variety of new things rather than spending a lot of time on one particular thing.

Among these new things, his current main hobby is photography. He views photography as a perfect combination of technology and art, also relying on a mix of different skills and understanding of optics, yet allowing different individuals to produce distinctly personal expressions, which he finds quite marvelous.

Other long-standing hobbies of his are music composition and ACGN. Mainstream society often stereotypes these interests, but those labels might not fit him well. He wasn't raised with classical music education nor is he an "anime geek" who can recite the history of anime. However, these two interests have indeed been part of his life for most of his years. He believes that entertaining oneself is far more important than pleasing the public when it comes to hobbies. A more specific expression of these interests is his experience being a VOCALOID producer, detailed in this collection of works.

He also has other interests that he hasn't consistently pursued but has delved into from time to time, including but not limited to:

  • Harmonica: He has tried chromatic, blues, and tremolo harmonicas, but is relatively more familiar with the chromatic harmonica.
  • Archery: Primarily recurve bows; it's somewhat dormant due to the archery range being too far from home.
  • Soccer: His favorite sport during school; although his physical fitness has significantly declined since university, making offline play challenging, his fascination with soccer tactics and strategies grows.
  • Gaming: He has explored various types of games; initially preferring story-driven RPGs during his educational phase, he later experienced many AVG games; as work took up more time, he shifted toward short-session PvP games, indie games, and party games, while maintaining intermittent interest in popular game categories like card games, Roguelike, MMORPGs, and various mainstream AAA titles; he once received an offer from MiHoYo but didn’t join, missing out on becoming one of the single-digit-numbered employees, so in recent years also includes mobile games.

What are his favorite games?

He finds listing his favorite games as intimate as listing his personal experiences, but he doesn't mind sharing his preferences.

  • Overwatch: His most captivating FPS game, particularly loving the tactical teamwork; the game’s art style also greatly appeals to him.
  • FIFA series: As a physical substitute for soccer, football games provide an opportunity to experience tactical play; he finds exploring different tactics’ impact on the game more intriguing than refining technical skills (FM series, though time-consuming, isn’t listed here).
  • Euro Truck Simulator: With 7 years of experience in the truck-autonomous-driving industry, playing a truck simulator game is just fitting.
  • Hatsume Miku's Project DIVA series: His favorite rhythm game; he spent a long time earning a platinum trophy on the F2 version on PSV, much attributed to Hatsune Miku's contributions.
  • Monster Hunter series: Compared to Dark-Soul-like games, Monster Hunter offers more joy.
  • Steins;Gate series: The only AVG game he willingly recommends to others.

What are his favorite animations?

Answering this is truly difficult, even today’s answers might not align with the ratings he's previously given on Bangumi.

He hopes to write some blog posts specifically discussing this topic in the future.

About the website

What is this website?

This is the personal website of maintainer sqybi, named

Currently, the content is primarily blog-based, but the possibility of adding other modules in the future is not excluded.

Why build this website?

This question is answered in the first blog post after the site's establishment, see Relaunching After a Decade.

This website was rebuilt in 2023. An older version under the same domain was maintained before but wasn’t updated for a long time.

Most 404 pages likely belong to two projects: DLXcn and Puzzle Games. The former is still available on GitHub: The latter, however, is harder to restore and doesn’t seem as interesting anymore, perhaps best regarded as a relic of the past.